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The Eastleigh Lions Club is twinned with clubs in France and Germany.

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Kornwestheim Lions Visit - 2019

A few pictures of the visit to Southampton (on a very cold windy day) and the evening barn dance.  See the section on Twin Clubs for more details. 

Barn dance evening during Kornwestheim visit 2019Visitors from Germany on a cold windy trip to Southampton

Eastleigh Lions Club celebrate 20 years of twinning with Kornwestheim Lions.

During the 2018 visit to Germany the club chose to mark this milestone by joining with Kornwestheim to make a joint donation to (A youth farm). The total donation was 1,000 euros and a plaque is to be mounted at the farm. The plaque reads;-

"The twinned Lions Clubs of Kornwestheim (Germany) and Eastleigh (England) celebrate 20 years of friendship by supporting Jugendfarm Kornwestheim."

cheque presentationPresentaion of cheques and plaque.

During this visit club members also undertook an informative and interesting trip around the local area which included a visit to 'The Lions-Allee', an avenue of 100 trees alongside a cycle way (marking 100 years of Lions - Kornwestheim tree no 95), a boat trip within a cave, tour around a spaetzle and pasta factory and a monastery. In between these stops much food and drink was consumed!

Tree no. 95Lions-Allee 

The exitEntering the cave

Dressed for factory visitPresident's bi-lingual address!!!

During the changeover dinner Lion President Chris endreavoured to give

a bi-lingual address much to the amusement of our german hosts. Luckily most

could understand his english.  


Lions were also delighted to have been able to visit Rouen Lions in September, 2017

Eight Lions from our Twin club of Kornwestheim, together with their partners will be visiting Eastleigh from 20th - 23rd April, 2017. Visits included a day trip to  Longleat, including a drive through the 'real' lions enclosure after which visitors were free to explore the other attractions. The day concluded with a meal at the Holiday Inn. The next day consisted of a visit to Winchester, the College and Cathedral, and a much earned delicious pub lunch at the Queen Inn.The evening saw us all at the Casa Italia of an Italian buffet before heading to the Talking Heads for a 'bandaoke'.

Many Eastleigh Lions met to say a final goodbye to our visitors with breakfast at the Holiday Inn, prior to them boarding a slightly cramped minibus for the trip to Heathrow.  

All involved agreed that it had been great to meet our friends from Germany, and are looking forward to visiting Kornestheim in 2018 to help them celebrate their 25th charter anniversary. 

kornvestheim visitors 2017

Rouen, Vallee de la Seine, Lions Club.

Situated on the outskirts of Rouen, this club has been twinned with Eastleigh for over 30 years. Joint ventures have taken place and regular contact is maintained between the clubs by our international relations officer.

The Rouen Club celebrated its 50th anniversary on 12th May, 2012 and Lion President Devan attended their celebrations, and donated a banner to mark the event. The banner  conveyed Eastleigh's best wishes on their anniversary and commemorated the close links between the clubs.

Some photos of visits to Rouen

strolling around RouenAn enjoyable meal in RouenEnjoying Changeover dinner

Kornwestheim Lions Club

Contact with this club began when our international relations officer noted that Eastleigh's twin town of Kornwestheim was forming a Lions Club, in fact the first correspondence received by the new club was from Eastleigh Lions wishing them all success. Regular visits to each others club take place every year (one direction or the other). 

Find out what they are doing by visiting their website

Visit to Kornwestheim Lions Club 

Our pride of Lions' journey to Kornwestheim went very smoothly from Heathrow to Stuttgart, flying for the first time on German Wings. As expected our hosts were waiting for us and we met with kisses and hugs as usual. After dropping off our bags we went to a house in the beautiful setting of Oberriexingen for a midsummer garden party. It rained a little but did not dampen our spirits. We enjoyed the warm welcome and tucked into a great spread of delicious food and mixed drinks while chatting and exchanging family and friends' news and views.

Meeting friendsGarden Party in Oberriexingen 

View from the town hall towerMeeting Kornwestheim's mayorVisit to college

On Friday we visited the Kornwestheim Ernst Sigle Gymnasium, (grammar school) and saw the pupils on the day after they finished there A level exams. They had been awake all night and stayed in the school grounds. They then enjoyed a BBQ and beers with the teachers and were in charge of the school for the day. Litter was scattered about and the floor was rather wet after the pupils had used water guns. This event came as a great shock to us as we don't mix education and fun till much later in academic life. I asked one young lady if she was happy her exams were over only to be told she was one of the teachers!

Later that morning we met the Oberburgermeister (Mayor), Frau Keck at the town hall. She was a very impressive lady and is popular with the locals for her wit and wisdom. Some Lions took the chance to go up the tower but I remained on terra firma where I spoke with a young journalist about the reasons for our visit and our joint project in Kimry, Russia. He then spoke to the Presidents of our clubs. We enjoyed glasses of sekt and fruit juices with the traditional sharing of pretzels.

Incoming and outgoing presidentsThe gavelMore LionsMore fellow lions and their wivesgathering for the change over of president

The big event of the weekend, the handing over of the gavel, representing the Presidency, to the new President, took place in the Haus der Kinderkirche - Castle Beilstein. We were given a tour of the building and a talk about its past and present uses. It is situated in a magnificent setting on the top of a hill overlooking the town. The most important role the castle plays now is to hold residential training for Sunday School Teachers. Some guests were unfortunately held up in traffic that resembled the M25 so we started dinner a little later than expected.

Horst-Dieter handed over the gavel to the new Lion President Jurgen with much ceremony and fun. Short speeches were given and the most beautiful bouquet was presented to Karola, as we all know behind every good man is a great woman. Food and drink were plentiful as we enjoyed the evening with much laughter and socialising. Congratulations and good wishes for a successful year were given to Lion President Jurgen from our Lion President Philip on our Club's behalf. A great evening was enjoyed by all.

So many types of chocolate

On Saturday we all went to visit the site of RITTER SPORT (fine German chocolate), watched the huge screens of the exhibition and subsequently visited the shop and art gallery. As it was raining lightly we mostly spent the time buying chocolate for which my friends and colleagues are very grateful. I have taken to RITTER chocolate like a duck to water. MMMmmmmm.

At 1pm we went to dinner at Die Krone (The Crown). We greatly enjoyed rare beef with polenta and green beans. It was an exquisite restaurant with great service and served lovely wine. This was followed by a visit to the museum of everyday culture and luckily Lion President Jurgen was there to explain about the costumes from the past and their meaning. We learnt a lot.

Evening was spent in a Beer Garden run by Eastern European owners. Some of us chose traditional German food and some dared to try the European food which was quite spicy. The portions were huge so had to be washed down with lots of beer. A short visit to the town to see some of the celebrations marking the end of the A level exams followed. We passed the beautiful castle, once enjoyed by royalty, before watching musicians playing and people making merry.

Sunday morning we all met up for Devils Breakfast. We all sat in the garden and helped ourselves to the varied delicious items laid out.  A great way to have breakfast with good company!

Next came a tour of Cannstatt, the oldest borough of Stuttgart with 19 mineral springs. This is the birthplace of the automobile. The industry certainly grew as Stuttgart is the home of many car maufacturers now. Some of us took the waters and enjoyed the sunshine in that pretty place.

At around 4pm we all assembled at the airport, had farewell drinks, thanked our hosts and said our goodbyes for 2013. We had a wonderful visit and look forward to seeing our fellow Lions, here in Eastleigh in 2014 our 50th year in Lionism.


This year the meeting between Eastleigh Lions and Kornwestheim Lions took place in the historical capital of Germany - Berlin.
After a trouble free flight we were met at Schonefeld Airport (former airport of East Berlin) by Lions' Jurgen Kaiser and Reinhard Duvel.  We were whisked by Taxi to a very pleasant Hotel, situated just off the City Centre.
The next day a trip had been organised to the German Bundestag, the German equivalent of The Houses of Parliament.  There we met the Member of Parliament (Deputy) for Kornwestheim, Steffen Bilger.  Along with his staff, all of whom spoke perfect English, he gave us a run down of how the German political system functioned.  A fascinating and privileged insight into how Germany "ticks."

Visit to Germany\'s Parliament
Thereafter we had an excellent tour of the Reichstag building and we were actually allowed to watch Angela Merkel and her Parliament in full session.

The views of Berlin from the top of the Reichstag were breathtaking.
In the afternoon we were treated to a guided sight-seeing tour of Berlin, and in the evening, a meal at a typical German restaurant.

The next day included a fascinating visit to "Check point Charlie" and its associated Mauermuseum, which tells the story of The Cold War and the fall of The Berlin Wall in 1989.

Visit to Check Point Charlie 

The evening saw a spectacular cabaret show at the famous Friedrichstadtpalast theatre and thereafter an evening walk along the river Spree, where one or two German beers were sampled in the balmy evening heat (we used to get them in England).
The lions of Kornwestheim made our visit one never to be forgotten.  Their hospitality was second to none and their choice of venues to visit was outstanding.  All in all a fantastic bonding experience.

Paul Marchetti


For some years there has been a joint venture with the club to support a children's hospital in Kimry, Russia.

 Eastleigh club members enjoy a dance during a visit to KormwestheimAn evening of entertainment during a recent visit to Germany


In a change from the past it has been decided that Kornwestheim and Eastleigh met in Dublin in June, 2011, to celebrate the ongoing links between our clubs.

A party of thirty met in Dublin and a full schedule of events including dog racing, live Irish dancing and music, many meals, and cultural visits, including the Guiness Storehouse. New friends were made and the links between the clubs strenghtened. Good 'Craic' all round,expecially after a few Guinesses (it tastes so different in Eire).

 Guess where in Dublin

Dressed for factory tour