Social Visits to Kornwestheim


Plans are being finalised for a visit to Germany from 28th June to 1st July. If past history is anything to go by a great time will be had by the twelve Lions and partners who have indicated a wish to attend. (See Twin Club section for details on the 2018 visit)



After flying out to Stuttgart members were greeted and immediately taken to enjoy a evening of food, drink and good cheer at the house of one of the Lions. They then returned to their beds to prepare for a busy weekend.


Visit to museum followed by a typical 'Swabian' lunch, and the occasional drink. No sooner had this finished and we were taken to the Mercedes production factory to see how our next S Class is put together (Some chance!!). Watching robots undertake such complex construction in fascinating. Unfortunately there were no free gifts at the end of the tour.

Back to our respective accommodation to prepare for the Change Over Dinner / Dance. The Germans certainly know how to enjoy themselves. Late night again.


 A day of wine related activity, starting with wine tasting (How's that for first thing in the morning). Never realised that there were quite so many types of grapes and wines so trying them all was a daunting task. Yet another meal followed before we were whisked off for a horse drawn wagon ride through the field and vineyards nearby. The wagon was loaded with beer and wine to help us get in a merry mood (shame about the singing). The day ended with yet another meal.


Sunday morning may well be a time to take it easy after the hectic eating and drinking of the previous two days, but not when you are visiting Kornwestheim. Up we went, three at a time, in a small plane to get an aerial view from 5,000 feet. Wonderful.

As soon as our feet returned to the ground out came the drinks and food from the barbeque. With perfect weather this was a fitting finale to a great visit before we were taken to the airport for the return visit to Eastleigh.