Further funds were delivered to the project in 2018 and plans are currently being made with our twin club Kornwestheim to deliver more in 2019.

As you may have read under the 'Twin Clubs Section' our club is twinned with the Lions Club of Kornwestheim, Germany.

In addition the town of Eastleigh also has twinning arrangements with the town of Kornwestheim, which is also linked to Kimry, a town in Russia, some 100 miles from Moskow.

One of the first challenges Kornwestheim Lions set themselves was to assist the citizens of Kimry by providing financial help to the maternity / children's unit in the town.

 Kimry 2010At that time conditions were poor as can be seen in the  pictures.

The project started in 2001, with Eastleigh joining the effort in 2004, thereby, strenghtening the links between the clubs. 

The unit suffered a serious lack of funding when the project started. A poorly maintained building, with a minimum amount of medical apparatus and medicines, was the norm due to limited resources. Over the years, with regular donations a range of small to medum size apparatus has been purchased. The donations were given directly to the medical staff who also arranged the purchase of much needed medicine. Lions from both clubs woud visit the hospital annually to see progress and hand over the next donation. 

A major bonus has been that the regular lobbying of the local council by the two Lions Cluns, and Kornwestheim town, has resulted in the unit being moved to a newer building. It was a rundown dental school which has been refurbished and is now a hospital with more modern facilities. It is now a much improved and comfortable unit for young mothers, babies and sick children. (see following pictures).

 Kimry post 2010

Our joint project is due to end in 2018