The Lions are a  'hands on' voluntary organisation in Eastleigh. Our prime objective is to help out in the local community. We are part of a worldwide organisation with 1.3m members, including 1000 clubs in the UK.

Why would I want to join?bannerette

You'll get an opportunity to make new friends!

Because we work locally and serve the local community, you'll meet lots of people in Eastleigh.

We can give you the chance to learn new skills!

The choice of what and how much you do is down to you!

We organise and get involved in a wide variety of fundraising events and activities to help the needy.

How do I find out more?

The first step is to meet up with a few of our membership team for an informal chat to give you more information about the possibility of becoming a member.

Please telephone 0845 8337362 and I will contact you to arrange a meeting or use the 'contact us' email facility.


Membership is by invitation only.


Club President