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Results of the 2018 Eastleigh Lions Charity Go Kart Challenge

Following the usual registration on Friday 9th March, at the Teamsport Indoor Karting Venue on Barton Park, the drivers briefing this year encouraged participants to sign up for a Prostate Cancer Screening Test.  Eastleigh Lions are hoping to hold this in the town later in the year. Next came the team photos and down to the track for a hair-raising practice session.  I say hair raising because there was condensation on the infrequently used parts of the track so anyone who missed the “racing line” or otherwise made a miscalculation went spinning off towards the barriers!  Once the formalities were over, the 8 teams lined up on the grid and set off for 90 minutes of non-stop racing.

To add a bit more spice to the event, each driver was required to take two turns at the wheel, forcing a total of seven driver changes per team during the race.  This gave the teams an opportunity to test their strategic planning!

1st Team Viper   5th Fireflies (The Prince’s Trust
2nd The Race Centre   6th Shehanigans
3rd Mixed Ability   7th Xelabus 2
4th Xelabus 1   8th Murray’s Angels

Shehanigans1,2,3 and 8th placed teams

The result for the Lions Club was £260 to put into their Charity Account and 24 people to contact when the Prostate Cancer Screening Test is organised. If anyone else wants to be included when we run the tests (Prostate Cancer in now a bigger killer than Breast Cancer), please email us on our event mail eastleighlions@gmail.com and we will contact you with the details.

Finally, a thank you to the staff at Teamsport Karting for Fun for their diligence and running of the event and helping us to make some money for our charity account.  The main charity this year is Simon Says, a bereavement service for children, but some of our funds will go towards the costs of the Prostate Cancer Screening Test which we will be providing as a public service to men in the borough.


The annual challenge took place on 10th February.

Thanks to all who came along and took part in our 7th annual Go Kart Challenge on Friday 10th.
We hope you all enjoyed the evening and we would like to thank you for your generosity which has provided over £300 for our charity funds (assuming a €20 note will be exchanged for £17 by our bank)

Congratulations to Team Viper for a 3rd consecutive win with 194 laps completed, although with some different team members to last year!
Congratulations also to The Race Centre who finished second, only 3 laps behind and to Xelabus who were pipped to third place on the last lap.
The fastest lap of the evening was achieved by Joe Chick in Team Viper with a time of 23.990 seconds.

We also managed 2 ladies teams this year (I believe Tom was recruited as an honorary lady by his partner) and "Hassan's Angels" managed to keep in front of "A Bunch of Girls" by 10 laps, the latter team feeling proud not to have been the last to cross the line!

Once again, a great big thank you to all who came and gave generously to our exit bucket collection. We have a few more ideas to help us raise money next year, so keep a lookout on our Facebook page and website where we will add information as it becomes available!

Finally, we hope to see you all again next year (provisionally on March 9th)

Karting Cupskart 2017 Hassans AngelsAction shot

Winners 2017 - Team Viper receiving trophy

kart 2017 Final positions


Having fun for the 5th year running while gaining contributions to the Eastleigh Lions Club Charity funds. Winners over the years have been Richmond Hyundai (2011), Waiting for Dave (2012), Not Waiting for Dave (2013), Professional Advantage (2014). This year the Challenge Cup (Sponsorerd by Artisan's Wine Bar in Eastleigh) was won by Team Viper from Hampshire County Council Karting Club, with ENRG second and TTEB Racing third. We raised £250 for charity in the process, and cumulatively have raised over £1000 since we started in 2011.

Enjoy some of the action in this on board video.

Come and join us next year and see if you can win. (Approx. same date and same place. Look out for the posters)


Another successful evening was held on 28th February. 

The annual outing for the petrol heads among us took place on the last Friday in February,and following frantic chasing round at the last minute, resulted in a total of 11 teams of 4battling it out at Teamsport's venue inChickenhall Lane.

Teams this year were as follows (in results order):

1 Acoda Motorsport (including some of last year's winning team)

2 Just Add Oil (The Race Centre in Chandler's Ford)

3 Team Viper (Hampshire County Council's Karting Club)

4 Irvings Scholars (a "scratch" team including a pensioner!)

5 Not Waiting for Dave (with more of last year's winning team)

6 Vision Accendo (a Local industrial LED Lighting company) 

7 Tom Racing (The Race Centre in Chandler's Ford)

8 Team Cobra (Hampshire County Council's Karting Club)

9 Very Mobile Chicanes (The Race Centre in Chandler's Ford)

10&11 MPH 1 and MPH 2 (MPH Electrical Solutions)

Drivers briefingVenue for raceRace in progress

WinnersAnd, so you realise just how intense the competition has become, there were only 2 seconds between the first and second teams at the end of 90 minutes of racing with 7 driver changes! The best result of the night was that we made a profit of £452 after all expenses, which will go directly to our charity funds for use in the Community Chest and Basics Bank. Advising participants that this was a charity event, and reminding them there would be a collection as they left, seemed to work to boost the income, as we struck immediately after they had been having fun!

The cup is on display at Artisan's Coffee House and Wine Bar,Eastleigh, our Kart Sponsor. 

Year One - 2011 

In a new initiative to raise funds the club issued a challenge to local organisations and friends to put together teams to compete for the Go Kart Challenge Cup.

Teams took part in a 90 minute race around the indoor Go kart track in Eastleigh on 18th February, 2011.

Many spectators attended to cheer on their teams. All proceeds went to the club's charity account. 

 Eastleigh Lions (first) Go-Karting Charity Challenge a "Roaring success"

Winning team in 2010 Winning Team. Richmond Hyundai.

Friday 18th of February saw a total of 11 teams competing at the Eastleigh Indoor Karting track for the cup donated by Guzel Meze Bistro Bar which was presented by Mr Oguz (Oz) Yalvac from the restaurant (who also watched the whole event!). The full results table is as follows:
Position Team Laps
1 11 176

2  10  173 7 2 166
3 7 172 8 5 166
4 1 170 9 8 164
5 4 170 10 3 157
6 6 168 11 9 149

The winners were Kart 11, from Richmond Hyundai, who in addition to being presented with the cup, which will be engraved with the team name, also received carwash vouchers courtesy of the IMO carwash at Asda Chandlers Ford.  The team consisted of Alex Jackson, Mike Cox, Kevin Wise and Peter Dunn.

The second team (No. 10) was a "scratch" team consisting of Andy and Ian who came along to watch, and a more reckless, older driver! 
Third was Kart No. 7 driven by Rob, Jane, Ian and Nick, who enjoyed it so much they are going to challenge other friends to take them on! 

Certainly the feedback we had in the few hours following the event was very positive, with everyone saying they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and even spectators were heard commenting that the second half of the evening seemed to pass much quicker than expected, so it looks as though we can set this up as an annual event, however we will do one or two things differently now we've learnt the ropes!
On Saturday, Facebook included comparisons of peoples' "war injuries" and even some photos of bruises!

With the additional team and drivers we expect to make £250 for the ENERGY youth centre from this event, so congratulations to all involved, it was well worth the effort!

Lion Dave


Thanks forty contestants, from 16 to 60 coming along and helping us raise well over £250.  We currently have a "match funding" programme in place which will double the money, so we are able to pass on more money to our "Message-in-a-bottle" programme which provides vital information to emergency services on entering houses where an incident has occurred, and to the Eastleigh ENERGY Youth Centre where counselling and social activities take place side by side.
Congratulations go to Ian and Dave Campbell, Simon Wildgoose and Jonathan Mulcaster, aka "Waiting for Dave" on their impressive win, four laps ahead of last years winning team, Richmond Hyundai, consisting of Alex Jackson, Simon Jerrard, Kevin Wise and Steve Doye.  In third place was that well known high speed bird "Pelican Speed" consisting of Richard Bowring (whose efforts attracting competitors deserve a special mention), Jonathan (Noj) Legg, Andy Gaugler and Nick Barber.
To complete the rostrum duties, our sponsor, Hasan from the Artisan Wine Bar presented the Cup to the "Waiting 4 Dave" team and a token to the "all girl" Speed Queens team who still managed to retain their gender specific nature following a last minute withdrawal of one of their team members due to an earlier injury (not, I hasten to add, a Karting injury)
Many thanks to Gary Gillings for the photographs, I will endeavour to get Teamsport to improve their track lighting in time for next year's event, see below.
A dozen competitors and a couple of Lions adjourned to the Artisan Wine bar for some well deserved refreshment after the event, all agreeing they would be back next year to take part.
Next year we will be running the event again, on Friday 8th March (to avoid Half Term). Applications to participate will open in September, on a first come basis, with a deposit securing your place, check on the Eastleigh Lions Website  http://eastleighlions.org.uk

Full results:Kart winners 2012

Team No Team Name Team Member Team Member Team Member Team Member Laps
8 Waiting 4 Dave David Campbell Ian Campbell Simon Wildgoose Johnathan Mulcaster 178
1 Richmond Hyundai Alex Jackson Simon Jerrard Kevin Wise Steve Doye 175
7 Pelican Speed Richard Bowring Jonathan (Noj) Legg Andy Gaugler Nick Barker 174
10 Nurburgring Drivers Paul Wilkinson Dave Bowring Andy McGrath Ian Alexander 174
9 Team Pelican Darren Shepsman Jason Li David Pugh Phil Gaugler 171
3 Vision Accendo 1 Calvin Caunter James Tomlin Ross Crook  170
5 Fair Oak Squash Phil Mitchell Steve Sprake Phil Mitchell Steve Sprake 168
6 Lewis Hamilton AMS Ian Crocker Rob Sutherland Jim Sutherland Paul McCrystal 168
2 Speed Queens Becci Pugh Emma Blake Kristina Tait Charlotte Chandler 167
4 Vision Accendo 2 Mark Bigwood James Barnett Darren Barnett  167


In June 2013 12 teams lined up for the challenge. Over £250 was raised.