Boxing up over 2,000 spectacles prior to transportation to Chichester- February 2019.

specs packing

New Arrangements are now in place to which means that spectacles are delivered directly by clubs to the reconditioning facility near Chichester as required. This means that the facility is not overwhelmed with the one annual delivery. So whilst our club will continue to collect approx. 10,000 spectacles each year there will no longer be pictures like those below showing the volume collected during the year.

Up until 2017 this involved collecting throughout the year and passing to the recycling facility, normally towards the end of April, via Petersfield Lions Club. Used spectacles are collected from participating Lions clubs at a number of designated pick-up points, including Age Concern, Romsey Road, Eastleigh. They are then passed to Chichester Lions Club for initial sorting prior to optical grading and onward despatch to Third World Countries. Many of these spectacles are given to patients treated at Eye-Camps, which are often sponsored by Lions Clubs.

This is what 7000 boxed spectacles looks likeLoad boxes of spectaclesThese Photographs show the collection of spetacles by the Petersfield Club from the meeting point in Eastleigh. Some 7,000 spectacles have been boxed up by Eastleigh and positioned ready for collection.

 Other Clubs within the area, Southampton, Solent and Romsey also rendezvous at Age Concern for tea and biscuits before the collection van sets out to complete its journey.

Over 10,000 sets in total were loaded.

 The value of these spectacles to those people with impaired sight in Third World Countries cannot be over emphasised, and partaking in Spectrek must be counted as one of the most worthwhile jobs we do.

We collect used spectacles from many local opticians and from the pubic. Boxes, marked with the Lions logo, are placed in the opticians are are emptied on a regular basis.

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Loading spectacles in 2010 The following locations are currently visited:- 

 Specsavers   - Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester

Vision Express - Winchester, Eastleigh

Rawlings - Winchester, Eastleigh

Leightons - Eastleigh

ASDA - Eastleigh

Paul Capper - Eastleigh

Tarry's - Fair Oak

Age Concern, Eastleigh

One Communuty, Eastleigh

Town Centre Infirmation Shop

Various doctors' surgeries in Eastleigh Area.

Chandler's Ford Methodist Church.

TESCO Winnal, Winchester

Boots Opticians (D&A) Eastleigh

SPECTREK 2011, 2012 and 2013

7,920 spectacles being loadedall loaded and ready to go

A total of 7,920 Specs were Collected in 2011, a further 9,700 in 2012 and 10,055 in 2013.

Well done Eastleigh

Since the initiative began over 2,500,000 have been collected in the district

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