Community Orchard - Lapstone Farm

Preparation of Site

On a beautiful, cold, but very sunny Saturday in November 2012, several members of the club were pleased to become involved in the development of this new facility, organised and co-ordinated by Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council. Some 50 trees of varying varieties of apple and pear are to be planted but before planting protective fencing needed to be built as the site is to be grazed by cows.

Having been shown what was required, the teams soon got to work and the following pictures were taken when the first of the enclosures was completed.

Team pausing after completing first enclosureEnclosure 1 completed - tree protection.      


The team continued to work until 12 enclosures were completed, approx. a quarter of the total numbers required. Nearly 20 other locals from the area also came to help the parish park ranger. Ultimately the completed orchard, and surrounding fields will form a link to other footpaths in the area.  

Tree Planting

On a very wet and windy Saturday, two weeks later, the original ‘famous' five were joined by Lion President Dave, Lion Margaret and the intrepid Garry.
The very soggy eight, together with a similar number of locals, set about the planting of 50 trees of varying species. Very precise instructions were given as to the method of planting to be employed. Finding the right tree to match the sign already attached to the fencing proved challenging as 50 trees in a heap look very similar!


Fist Apple Tree sucessfully planted The task of planting, together with the completion of the fence surrounds , was completed in two hours.                  


Then we all went home to dry out!
Well done to all.  We're now looking forward to picking the fruit in years to come.


Official Opening Ceremony


Alina Jenkins planted the final tree on 1st December, 2012. The following report appeared in the local newspaper.

Orchard news item 13.12.12