LIONS helping at Wyvern 10K - 2018

One very warm and thirsty runner

Runners during the raceWater Station


1000 runners were delighted to to see our water station at the 4 kilometer mark on the baking hot day (9th July). Trying to supply so many in a short period of time proved challenging. It required at least 2 people to be continually open water bottles and pouring the contents into cups.

Just as we thought that the rush was over the runners started to return on the other side of the road. Slight chaos returned as we provided drinks to runners in different directions.

Half an hour later it was all over, bar the clearing up. Should have taken a picture of the road covered in 1000 plastic cups.

Well done Liz, Dave, Pete W, Cliff and Chris.            Roll on 2018??

water station wyvern 10KWater station 2017 Wyvern 10KWater station 2017 Wyvern 10K

Clarendon Way Marathon

Each year the members of Eastleigh Lions Club help man one of the drinking stations on the route, usually at Farley Mount, Winchester.

It can be quite a hectic time with approx. 1,500 runners passing by within a 20 minute slot.

The following photos show the mass of runners, tightly bunched near the start, with on 26 miles to go, up and down hill across the countryside by way of footpaths, etc.

keen runners near the startrunners at start

Please help to raise money for the Eastleigh Lions Charity by running in the Clarendon Full / Half /Relay Marathon which is an exciting, popular, multi-terrain event between Salisbury / Broughton & Winchester on a Sunday during October. 
see for info. and entry forms (when available)"