Bravery Certificates

A brave young girl receiving one of our certificates

A brave young girl

Since the publication of this restocking as an article in THE LION magazine four clubs throughout England have sought details and may start up similar arrangements with their local hospital. (update Nov. 2017)

 On 27th March, Eastleigh Lions were delighted to be able to restock Southampton General Hospital with 5,000 'Bravery Certificates. These are presented to children after surgery to mark the event and provide them with a tangible reminder of how brave they were. 

The photos show the new look to the certificate and the members of the nursing staff  who work in the theatre recovery unit  accepting the new stock from Lions Chris and Philip.

BraveC2 2017Staff at Southampton General receiving the new stockBravery Certificate 2017

The club received a request from Southampton General Hospital to supply replacement stock. Quotes have been received, 5,000 new certificates printed and delivery to the hospital is scheduled for 27th March, 2017 

Past History

Bravery Certificate - Eastleigh Lions awarded to children undergoing surgery

Following a request from a nurse working in an operating theatre in 1994, the club designed a certificate to recognise a child's bravery, the costs of design and printing being born by the Club.

Supplies of these certificates are regularly renewed with the local hospitals in Southampton and Winchester to be given out by theatre staff following successful operations on children, who then display them next to their bed and in many cases take them to school later to show their mates. The patient's name and date of operation are added by the staff as appropriate.  

More than 20,000 certificates have been issued since then.

The club was delighted to restock the supply of Bravery Certificates at Southampton General Hospital in September 2010. These certificates are highly appreciated by the children, and the nurses enjoy presenting them to the children. 

The following picture shows the nurses in the recovery suite for children after surgery. The setting is brand new with plenty of room and light.  

The boxes contain another 5,000 certificates which should last a few more years. This meant that the Lions Club of Eastleigh had been providing these certificates for over 16 years.


 Restocking of certificates at Southampton General Hospital, Sepember 2010