Serving the community" describes the rationale of all Lions Clubs, and in particular the Lions Club of Eastleigh. Our Club responds to the needs of our local community, whether this is in the form of financial assistance, hands-on involvement or organisational skills.

We receive requests from groups, local organisations or individuals to help them either to achieve a worthwhile project, or assist them in times of hardship or disability.

There are a number of levels in which the Club and our members meet these requests, it may be in the form of a cash donation to help a local charity or service organisation purchase some vital equipment. For example life jackets for a local Sea Scout Group, defibrillator for First Responders.

At another level it may require a number of our members helping to move furniture, or decorating the rooms of a disadvantaged local resident. Or simply taking an otherwise solitary and infirm person for a drive in the country.

Whilst the prime objective of Eastleigh Lions Club is help within the local community, being part of a worldwide service organisation provides the Club with the opportunity to contribute to international needs.

Serving the community is the reason that inspires people to become Lions, putting something back into the local community and making a difference to someone's life is the reward that our members consistently achieve.

Within the Club a Welfare Committee vets all applications and requests before submission to the Club for approval.